Well-coordinated teamwork speaks About Us

We love what we do

Our mission is to provide hassle-free online shopping. We are committed to delivering fresh and good quality products at your doorsteps with safety!

Our working process

Our team ensures to follow necessary guidelines and works hard to gather only the fresh products, pack them with safety and dedicates to timely delivery of every order.


DP Fresh Operating chain as below which does not need many appliances or vehicles which means less carbon production by air-conditioning and energy saving by other electrical appliances

Farms or Wholesales→ DP Fresh Warehouse → Consumer Home
Customers get Free Home Delivery without compromising quality
Customer get items at wholesale price(cheaper than Market)
Customer can save fuel as they get free home delivery
Customer can save valuable time
Customer automatically contribute to save the nature and Environment by using DP Fresh
DP Fresh Uses Recycled Food Grade Plastic for packing

About Us

DP Fresh provides free home deliveries (on certain amount of orders) for the items purchased through our online website or mobile application (Android & iOS Both Version Available).

We sell and deliver fresh Fruits and Vegetables to our all valuable customers. We provide best price and quality compare to other seller or fruits & vegetables market.

DP Fresh sells Fresh Fruits and Vegetables at wholesale price even for its retail customers.

DP Fresh takes care of their all customers in terms of healthy fresh grocery they get every day with best price. To be a part of our environmental saving thought we provide completely free home delivery for the items purchased by our customers and by this we save their expensive fuel gets used in their vehicle goes to purchase in Super Market, We try save their valuable time so that they can utilize this time in their important daily work. Customers ultimately give their important contribution to save our nature and environment without any extra expense or spending time.


Disadvantages with Individual Store & Super Market
Individual stores and super markets consume lot of energy to run the store appliances, air-conditioning, refrigerators, deep freezer and produce lot of carbon emissions which pollute environment. In this kind of Stores Fresh Groceries comes usually from
Farms → Wholesaler → Individual Store → Consumer Home
And to route this supply chain it needs lot of vehicles which also uses too much fuel and time Ultimately Fuel pollute Air and long process reduces the quality and freshness of the items especially for Fruits and Vegetables. Most of Individual stores and Super Markets use plastic bags which can’t be recycled